AFOX develops a low-profile Radeon HD 6850

AFOX develops a low-profile Radeon HD 6850 10.08.2021 [09:23], Alexander Shemetov

Small desktops and HTPC systems have very little space for standard graphics cards. Working in such limited space requires graphics cards made on low-profile PCBs. As a rule, such accelerators do not include productive solutions. AFOX decided to make an exception and introduced the Radeon HD 6850 in a low-profile design.

The AFOX AF6850-1024D5L model appeared on one of the showcases of the Tokyo market Akihabara, intended for use in HTPC systems and having a two-slot active air cooling system. AFOX engineers left "skinny" without an additional power connector.

By the way, the loss "in weight" in no way affected the speed indicators AFOX AF6850-1024D5L. The model received 1 GB of local memory of the GDDR5 standard, and its GPU Barts Pro contains all the required computing units. Operating frequencies correspond to the standard for the Radeon HD 6850 - 750 MHz for the core and 1000 MHz (4000 MHz QDR) for the memory.

The novelty is priced at 19,480 Japanese yen, which is approximately equal to $ 248.

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