Amazon will open its first offline store by the end of the year

Amazon will open its first offline store by the end of the year 10.10.2021 [15:27], Sergey Karasev

Amazon will open its first physical store in New York (USA) closer to the New Year's sales season. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing information received from informed persons.

It is known that the Amazon offline store will be located in a 12-story building on 34th Street in Manhattan opposite the famous Empire State Building. Not far from the chosen location is the flagship shopping center of the American retail chain Macy's, which attracts more than 20 million visitors annually.

Initially, the Amazon store will function as a mini-warehouse for distributing goods throughout New York. In it, customers will be able to pick up purchases made via the Internet, as well as exchange disliked or defective goods. In addition, courier delivery will be carried out from the warehouse.

In the future, the store may display Amazon electronic devices - Kindle readers, Fire Phone smartphones, Fire tablets, etc.

If the experience with the New York store turns out to be successful, Amazon may open similar points in other cities in the United States.


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