By 2021, the number of smartwatch owners will exceed 100 million

By 2021, the number of smartwatch owners will exceed 100 million sixteen.10.2021 [17:54], Sergey Karasev

Juniper Research has made a forecast for the market of "smart" watches - devices that are one of the main drivers of growth in the wearable electronics industry.

Currently, only about 0.26% of smartphone owners are also owners of "smart" watches. Moreover, a fifth of these users - 21% - live in the United States.

Analysts believe that the explosive growth of the market will begin within 12-18 months. This will be facilitated by lower prices and the appearance of models from well-known watch companies, in particular, TAG Heuer.

Over the next few years, features such as a GPS navigation receiver and NFC near-field communication will become standard on smartwatches.

Analysts predict there will be about 101.7 million smart chronometers in use around the world by 2021. At the same time, their average cost will not fall below the $ 200 mark until at least 2021.

We add that at the beginning of 2021 sales of Apple Watch will start. Obviously, the appearance of this gadget will lead to a serious reshuffle in the smartwatch market, where Pebble, Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola are now the main players.


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