Microsoft's Band 3 prototype shows what a bracelet could be

Microsoft's Band 3 prototype shows what a bracelet could be 29.01.20221 [11:44], Konstantin Khodakovsky

Once upon a time, Microsoft was going to maintain its presence not only in the OS market for smartphones, but also to enter the wearable electronics sector. But the company at a certain point decided that these efforts were futile and curtailed the promotion of its Band bracelets. There were rumors that the launch of the third generation of the bracelet was canceled. Now it's a fact: Windows Central got its hands on the Band 3 prototype and provided an overview that allows us to draw conclusions about the direction in which Microsoft was going to develop these devices.

First of all, rumors were confirmed that the Band 3 received protection from water and dust, the ability to track activity while swimming and, most importantly, a sensor to track blood pressure. It is now known that the bracelet could report stress, check body temperature and track health readings in addition to basic things like heart rate or calories burned.

The company also fixed some of the Band 2's design issues. The Band 3 clasp is now much thinner, so it gets in the way less when using the device under clothing. Apparently, the case has also become more durable, and charging is much faster: it takes only an hour versus an hour and a half for its predecessor. Support for RFID tags was also implemented, although the function did not work during the prototype review.

Considering the development of the Xbox Watch, it becomes clear that Microsoft actively invested in the promotion of wearable electronics, until in 2021 it was not disappointed in this direction. While there was no official explanation, it seems the corporation decided that wearable electronics simply weren't worth the effort, given modest sales and strong competition. The decision could also be part of a broader strategy in which Microsoft has reduced its work on inefficient products (for example, Windows 10 Mobile) in favor of more reliable or promising industries like Windows, mixed reality, cloud services and the Xbox gaming platform.


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